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We love that no two projects are the same.

Your project is unique, and one design never fits all. Our approach and design process allows for this, and is tailored to suit your site and your specific needs.

We do not have stock-standard pricing, but will create a custom proposal for each and every brief.


core Architectural services



Concept design deals with the big ideas and the potential for the site. It begins with a conversation addressing the client brief and budget, and focuses on an architectural proposal that considers and responds to the site conditions, planning regulations, and opportunities within the brief.

During this stage, you can expect to discuss architectural ideas and spatial planning through a number of iterations and interpretations of the brief in plan format. We may prepare a digital 3D model to assist with understanding the spatial qualities of the design.


design development

Following agreement on the architectural concept, the design is further refined to address feedback from earlier design stages and to include preliminary feedback from specialist consultants.

Design development results in detailed CAD architectural drawings, including plans, sections and elevations that more clearly explain the design. Material sample boards and schedules of finishes for the design are developed, providing a level of detail that can help explain the look and feel of the project.


development application

The Development Application (DA) stage involves preparing necessary documents for statutory authorities.

During this stage, we will prepare the plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other information necessary for the application and liaise with council during the Development Assessment period.

It is typical for nearly all projects to involve other specialist consultants, such as engineers, town planners, landscape architects or heritage consultants. We will advise you of the necessary specialist consultants you will need to appoint and will prepare design briefs for these consultants. On your behalf, we will liaise with the appointed consultants and coordinate their services to accompany the architectural documentation.


construction certificate

The Construction Certificate (CC) stage prepares the design for construction. Drawings including plans, elevations and sections, are further developed to enable construction approval. In addition to more detailed drawings, specifications and schedules are produced to describe the materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to meet the client’s requirements. These drawings will integrate the work of other specialist consultants.


contract documentation

Working drawings spell out in precise detail exactly what you are ‘buying’ from the building contractor. Having a good set of working drawings creates more certainty about the building contract, reducing risk for the contractor in having to guess what is required, and potential disputes when you do not get what you were expecting.

These drawings and specifications will describe in detail the quality of material, the standard of workmanship required for the project, along with finer construction details, such as set-out dimensions, lighting and electrical layouts, structural details and window and door types.


tender documentation

Having put together a good set of documentation drawings, we will help you ‘shop around’ and assist you with the tendering process. Detailed drawings will help you obtain accurate price comparisons from a number of builders, so that you can find the most suitable contractor to meet your budget, standard of quality, and/or time constraints.

With a good working relationship with a number of licenced contractors, we can suggest contractors suited to the nature and scale of your project, so that you can be more confident that the work will be carried out in a professional manner.


contract administration

Studio Co. has the capability to act as superintendent for the construction administration of your project. (It is recommended you choose a contract recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Many other contracts may not be in your best interest, as they have been prepared by organisations that exist to look after the builder’s interest).

Following the selection of a successful tenderer, we will prepare the contract documents and arrange the execution of the contract between the building contractor and building owner.

Through construction, we will arrange and attend site meetings at regular intervals, reporting regularly to you regarding time, cost and progress of the project. We will instruct the building contractor regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance, and will also assess and determine the building contractor’s variations, progress claims and claims for extensions of time, or the rectification of any defects.


additional services


feasibility studY

Conversation addressing brief and budget. Discussion of architectural ideas and spatial planning to assess feasibility on the site.



With a keen eye for visualisation, the team are versed in creating a wide range of images that convey the design intent, from: 2D marketing drawings; 3D perspective images; digital fly-through animations.


record documents

Detailed photographic survey of existing site and buildings. Co-ordinate survey of existing site and building conditions by specialist consultants. Undertake detailed existing building measure-up. Prepare drawings.