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sketch design

Concept design deals with the big ideas, and potential for the site.

During this stage you can expect to discuss architectural ideas and spatial planning through loose sketches and rough models. Concept design begins a conversation focusing on an architectural proposal that considers and responds to site conditions and opportunities within the brief.

Additional design briefs may be prepared for external consultants contributing to the project such as engineers, town planners, landscape architects, and heritage consultants. Concept design may also include a preliminary selection of materials and finishes.

We can also coordinate the preparation of a preliminary estimate of the cost of works during this stage of design.

During concept design we will draw by hand to scale, and you can expect a number of iterations and interpretations of the brief.

We may also prepare digital 3D models to assist with understanding the spatial qualities of the design.

Following agreement on the architectural concept, the design is further refined to address feedback from earlier design stages and to include feedback from specialist consultants.

Design development results in detailed CAD architectural drawings, including plans, sections and elevations that more clearly explain the design. Material sample boards and schedules of finishes for the design are developed, providing a level of detail that can be used to coordinate an updated estimate of the cost of works and to help explain the look and feel of the project.



During this stage, Studio Co. will also provide recommendations to you on the preferred method for selecting a building contractor. There is also an opportunity to prepare a pre-tender pre-tender estimate of the cost of works. Carter Williamson will assist you in determining the preferred contractor selection process, either by tender, or negotiated offer.





Planning application involves statutory authority requirements for building. Studio Co. will collaborate with our clients and relevant authorities to work towards planning approval, this may include pre-application meetings with relevant authorities prior to formal submission.

As part of formal submission, Studio Co. will prepare extensive application documentation, including plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other relevant information that is required.

Studio Co. will further assist you in coordinating the work of specialist consultants, and lodging the formal application with the relevant statutory authority to request planning development approval.


contract administration

Studio Co. has the capability to act as superintendent for the construction administration of your project.

Following the selection of a successful tender, Studio Co. will prepare the contract documents and arrange the execution of the contract between the building contractor and building owner.

Through construction, Studio Co. will arrange and attend site meetings at regular intervals, and will report regularly to you regarding time, cost and progress of the project. Studio Co. will also assess and determine the building contractor’s progress claims and issue progress certificates.

Visiting the site periodically to observe the general conformance of the construction on your behalf, Studio Co. will instruct the building contractor regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance.

Acting as a fair and impartial administrator of the building contract, Studio Co. will also assess and determine variations, progress claims, and claims for extension of time made by the builder in accordance with the contract documents.

Following construction, Studio Co. will instruct the building contractor in regard to any incomplete work, or rectifications required. Studio Co. will also assess and determine final completion and issue the final certificate for the project.




construction DOCUMENTATION

The construction documentation stage prepares the design for construction. Drawings including plans, elevations and sections, together with other details and schedules are prepared to enable construction approval. These drawings will integrate the work of other specialist consultants.

In addition to more detailed drawings, specifications and schedules are further developed to describe the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to meet the client’s requirements.


3d visualisation

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